The Ten Commendments of Evolutionary Humanism

In his 2006 Book „Manifest des evolutionären Humanismus: Plädoyer für eine zeitgemäße Leitkultur“ Michael Schmidt-Salomon conceptualized these „Ten Commendments“. Michael gave us the permission to translate und publish those at freigeisterchen.

  1. Don't serve foreign or local „Gods“ but the great ethic ideal to minimize suffering in the world.
  2. be fair to your next and your farthest
  3. Do not fear authorities, have the courage to use your mind
  4. Do not lie, cheat, steal, kill - unless there is no other way to achieve and defend humanity
  5. Do not moralize. Help to remove the disastrous circumstances in which nowadays humans suffer - you will be amazed to find out how friendly, creative and likeable the alleged „wild animal“ homo sapiens can be.
  6. Do not immunize yourself against criticism! Honest critique is a gift which you should not reject.
  7. Don't feel too confident! But also question your doubts! Even if all we know is limited and temporary you should stand up for you convictions. Be amenable to better arguments - only by this will you be able to avoid dogmatism and arbitrariness.
  8. Overcome your disposition to have a blind spot for things which were always there. Before making a decision take every point of view into consideration.
  9. Enjoy your life, most likely you only have one!
  10. Put your life in the service of a greater good, be part of the tradition making the world a better, worth living place. This attitude is not only ethically sensible but also the best way to lead a meaningful life.

Michael Schmidt-Salomon - Translation: Hilmar Kolbe

With kind permission of Michael Schmidt-Salomon. s.a.: German Version

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